Sunday, July 12, 2009

Attitude is Important

Beberapa bulan yang lalu saya mendapatkan artikel yang bagus yang berjudul "attitude is important" artikel ini menunjukan bagaimana perubahan kecil dapat memberikan dampak perbedaan yang besar dalam hidup kita,ini dia artikelnya :

Today I am glad to share one of the stories that I was heard from a college symposium,
Chief guest has started his speech with the words “Change in small things can show a better difference in Life”. I am confused how this would help?, but he continued as “I am going to give a live example for those words, also remember the person who didn’t have the knowledge of business/technology could possibly give the best solution for the problem\profit. In 1991 “Colgate” was the famous toothpaste all over the world especially in “India”, but “Pepsodent” who was just entered into the market has chased “Colgate” sales. So the Director of “Colgate” planned a meeting with all the executive councils which was going to be held in a famous star hotel. The day was come, meeting was in a conference room where a door boy was placed near the door to open the same for executives entering into the hall.

The meeting was started, Director asked all the executives to give an idea for increasing the product sales in India since, the opponent was chasing our sales margin. All those executives gave variety of ideas but that was not satisfy the director, at last he said “Windup the meeting will give time, come out with some other ideas gentlemen”, the door boy keenly watching all those discussions.

When the Director was come just near the door he said “Can I say something for increasing your product sale” the crowd laughed heavily and he was insulted by everyone, but seeing the negative response from the crowd the Director told the boy “See all my executives here are well trained and educated their suggestions itself not satisfying me how can u man?”, the boy replied calmly “Please give me a moment sir”.

The Director said “Well ok gentlemen please be seated will hear What he going to suggest?”. The boy walked in front of all and went near the director and told “Why can’t we increase the size of the toothpaste mouth, if it is 2mm now, please increase the size as 3mm so that the paste will be emptied quickly, people will get the paste one week before”, the crowd and director stunned with his words, “the solution has got do the same today itself” the Director replied. He was congratulated by all. The whole team waited for a month, took the sales results, it was amazing the sales was doubled when compared to the previous month.

The whole team praised the door boy again, they shared the sales results with him, he was also given a share from the profit of that month.

So friends from this story we have learned to concentrate on small things which help us to attain the great peak smartly, also the suggestions\solutions from others would help to achieve some of our goals.

kadang untuk membuat perubahan besar tidak diperlukan langkah yang besar,semua ada ditangan kita tergantung bagaimana kita menyikapinya dan semua bisa melakukanya,seperti contoh di atas seorang "Door boy"memberikan ide sederhana tapi membawa dampak perubahan yang besar .

Dan saya rasa artikel ini akan percuma apabila hanya saya simpan tanpa saya sebarkan lagi. tapi sayangnya saya lupa sumber asli artikel ini.mudah-mudahan postingan sederhana ini juga bisa membawa dampak perubahan yang besar dalam hidup anda semua.terima kasih

note: for article owner if you see this note please tell me so I can put your original URL to this post. thank you so much, all respect is yours.

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